ZAYN - LIKE I WOULD (Domin Remix)

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Title : ZAYN - LIKE I WOULD (Domin Remix)
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Published : 27 Feb 2018
Author : Itsdomin

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Presenting my first remix! It took me about 4 days to make. I’m very proud of this and I hope you enjoy it as well! I love Like I Would and I thought I’d give it my own twist!

Acapella provided by Studio Acapellas!

Listen to the original song by Zayn!

I know it may sound bland and unoriginal. Keep in mind that this is my first remix. I’m trying to improve over time. My music should get better as I keep making it!

“Why does the third verse get really loud?”
Not sure. I wasn’t able to fix it, sorry about that :(

“The third chorus sounds off beat”
Yeah, I tried to fix that. I couldn’t get it right so I made it as close as possible. Hopefully it doesn’t ruin the entire remix.

Thank you!

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